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The rankings of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Japan have been compiled from GlobalData's pharmaceutical revenue figures, which are based on sales of prescription medicines, including generics drugs. The rankings are based 2012 figures, which provide the most recent full-year data currently available.
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Dr. Rakesh Rai is senior consultant, hepatobiliary and transplant surgeon at fortis hospital, Mumbai. He is an international surgeon of excellence for the prevention and cure, advance competency-based training and cutting edge research in liver, biliary and allied sciences. Dr. Rakesh Rai offers com…
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Do you consider establishing your affiliation company? Definition of 'Affiliated Companies' Companies that are less than 50% owned by a parent company; the parents are minority shareholders. More loosely, the term "affiliated companies" is sometimes used to refer to companies that are related to e…
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Milton, Canada
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